New cryptocurrency VOYCEToken has attracted the attention of investors, as it closed in on the $1 Million market cap.

The non-deflationary token currently found on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) was initially pre sold with a total sale token count of 90,000,000,000 VOYCE, valued at 450,000,000 VOYCE per BnB. The decentralised presale journey was then launched on PinkSale, selling out a hard cap of 200 BNB (US $100K).

VOYCEToken was then launched for public purchasing on decentralised exchanges, including Pancakeswap, Poocoin, and FloozTrade. Proving popular with traders and having a successful presale was enough to land VOYCEToken on the crypto price tracking websites ‘Coingecko’ and ‘Coinmarketcap’, which increased the token’s prominence further.

The main ambition outlined by the team behind the cryptocurrency is to see the formation of the firm’s own blockchain synonymously named VOYCEChain. Besides the support of crypto transactions, the chain will also allow the industry to integrate specific blockchain requirements. An NFT Marketplace will also be added, adopting VOYCEToken as the transactional currency.

Overall, the defined plans include the creation of an entire VOYCE Ecosystem where different elements are made to co-exist. New cryptos will be able to launch on the VOYCEChain, the VOYCEXchange will dictate trading fees, NFT artists will be able to get into the VOYCEMarket, and customers will be able to make purchases using the VOYCEToken through VOYCEPay – the company’s payment solution compatible with various points of sale across the globe.

The overall acceptance of cryptocurrencies is seeing a steady growth, with 10% of the world’s population already having traded in some way. The mainstream audience is being introduced to crypto through IPO’s of companies such as Coinbase Global Inc., providing people with the knowledge needed to understand what cryptocurrencies are and how they can benefit traders.