Raiffeisen Online enhances integration of QR-code payments in Russia

Raiffeisen Online Russia has confirmed the integration of the QR-code scanning technology developed by Smart Engines, as it enhances its user payment journey.  

The implemented solution is seeking to boost the overall payments ecosystem, with the quality of QR codes and barcode scanning for payment operations in a mobile application. 

Pavel Rubakhin, Chief Product Officer, Director of Mobile Banking at Raiffeisenbank commented: “Payment by QR makes purchases quick and contactless. This payment method is customer-friendly per se, but code recognition accuracy is vital for it to work correctly. 

“Thanks to the integration of the Smart Engines scanner, our customers will be able to choose a QR payment method in Raiffeisen Online in any situation – even if the code is poorly lit or the user’s device is equipped with an insufficiently robust camera.”

The tech utilises an up-to-date scanner, allowing customers to engage with a QR code to make money transfers, pay for utilities, various receipts, bills, fines, and make purchases.

The user needs to focus a device’s camera on a QR code or select an image with a QR code from the gallery. The code is scanned automatically, and all the necessary details for a payment or money transfer are entered into the payment form.

Vladimir Arlazarov, Ph. D., CEO of Smart Engines added: “The implementation of QR code scanning technologies in mobile applications is a pleasant and effective collaboration with Smart Engines. The bank already uses the company’s software product for ID scanning in its branches. The up-to-date QR code scanner instantly extracts data and makes the payment process convenient,” 

“QR code payment is one of the key elements of modern remote customer service in mobile banking applications. And we are glad that Raiffeisenbank, a world-renowned bank, has chosen our software product to ensure high-quality barcode scanning in its mobile application.”