SEON supports Sorare in fight against the threat of fraud


Seeking to stop fraud and increase security within NFTs and digital fan tokens, Sorare has confirmed a new collaboration with SEON

Through the partnership, Sorare will integrate SEON’s specialist capabilities in onboarding monitoring, device fingerprinting, and tailored risk rules to halt referral fraud and increase the protection of NFTs. 

“Sorare has an advanced platform built on new, powerful technologies like blockchain. Traditional fraud platforms, built for old enterprise networks just didn’t make sense for the speed and scale of our business,” stated Brian O’Hagan, Growth Lead at Sorare. 

“We were able to quickly get up and running with the SEON Customer Success team, which we now count on as our fraud team.”

The partnership is set to specifically focus on Sorare’s referral program, which rewards team managers for actively recruiting new members to their clubs. 

To detect and prevent fraud within the program, Sorare will deploy SEON’s Fraud API which consists of Email API, Phone API, IP API, and Device Fingerprinting module.

“Sorare is innovating and driving the future of NFTs with its blockchain collectibles,” added Tamas Kadar, co-founder and CEO of SEON. “We worked closely with the Sorare team to identify vulnerabilities and create tailor specific rules and risk scores using our comprehensive Fraud API to detect and prevent abuse in their unique platform.”

Expert Analysis: As the NFT market continues to grow exponentially, partnering with SEON is a shrewd move for Sorare, significantly strengthening the firm in the way it combats fraud.