ACI elevates PayPoint’s user experience with new digital link

ACI Worldwide has extended its collaboration with PayPoint, as it looks to evolve the payment experience. 

The collaboration bolsters the payment journey within PayPoint’s retail network of more than 28,000 convenience stores across the UK, which is bigger than all banks, supermarkets and Post Offices combined.

“Responding to changing consumer demands and behaviors, we are planning to launch new, innovative digital payments services within the next couple of years. The combination of scalability and flexibility that ACI offers will not only support the growth of our business, but also ensure we’re future-proofing our payments environment,” said Igor Idrisov, Head of Online Payments and ATM, PayPoint.

“Expanding our partnership with ACI will allow us to respond to both local and global payment trends and to expand our leadership position within our core verticals of operation.”

Furthermore, it also comes amidst a backdrop of increasing demand for new digital payment methods and services, as the sector’s digital evolution accelerates exponentially – largely due to global economies and consumers adapting to the pandemic. 

“We are delighted about the extension of our successful partnership with PayPoint,” said Ciaran Chu, Head of Acquiring, ACI Worldwide. “ACI’s acquiring solution enables PayPoint to adapt in this challenging and dynamic environment, and places the company to grow its market share, leveraging more of our device and channel-agnostic payment technologies as the needs of its customer base evolve.”