PayPoint looks to elevate support for financially vulnerable

PayPoint is enhancing the support it provides for the financially vulnerable, with the growth of its digital solution, PayByLink.

The solution seeks to support businesses and consumers, as it provides an avenue for bill collection – whether on credit or prepaid – which can already send tailored, personalised payment reminders by email or SMS. 

PayByLink is within PayPoint’s multi-channel digital payment solution, MultiPay, and gives customers options on how best to manage their payments and repayments. 

Danny Vant, Client Services Director of PayPoint, commented: “Payment flexibility has never been more important than it is today, with the financial uncertainty many are facing. Our latest digital payment solution is a valuable tool to help companies deliver vital support for their customers in such challenging times.

“PayPoint is dedicated to providing solutions that genuinely empower people to manage their finances and reduce arrears. Our solutions aim to increase customer confidence in the businesses they use, and in how their personal and financial details are managed.

“At PayPoint we are constantly enhancing our range of digital offerings to bring solutions that benefit businesses and consumers alike, helping them to work together to manage payments and arrears effectively and efficiently.”

The customer will also gain elevated flexibility as they receive a barcode for making an in-store payment, if that is their preferred method, as well as the option to request a call back so they can pay over the phone.