HooYu, the specialists in KYC and customer onboarding journey specialist, has confirmed the strengthening of its offering with a re-usable digital ID to instantly complete age or identity verification processes.

It’s a move that seeks to help firms in their bid to grow with the digital evolution and retain a stringent verification process. 

The new service, called HooYu ID, gives consumers the option of creating a digital ID to assert their identity safely and securely in the digital or the physical world.

David Pope, Marketing Director at HooYu commented: “Some of our gaming clients asked us about building a digital identity for their users to port between their portfolio brands. This not only creates a smoother customer journey but helps operators to build a single customer view to make better affordability decisions.”

HooYu ID stores verified identity credentials in an app on a user’s smartphone and the validated identity evidence is encrypted on the device and protected by biometric and PIN code access.  

Furthermore, as part of the product launch, HooYu has released a report examining consumer attitudes towards identity checking processes. In a pool of over 2,000 respondents, 74% of the public said they were frustrated at having to repeatedly provide personal information to pass identity check processes. 89% of the public said that they found the idea of a re-usable digital identity facility appealing. 

Consumers cited frustration with repeated, time-consuming processes and concerns of being in control of who receives their personal information as reasons for embracing digital identity.      

Nick Mothershaw, CEO of the Open Identity Exchange added: “The last twelve months have proved formative as government, industry and identity providers have coalesced around a set of standards in interoperable re-usable digital identity and we welcome identity providers such as HooYu as members of OIX, as together we help make digital identity a reality.”