Cloud-native payments firm Gr4vy elevates optionality with new collaborations

Digital Payments
Digital Payments

Cloud-native payments platform, Gr4vy, has significantly accelerated growth with two new collaborations.

In partnering with both Banked and GoCardless, the firm is seeking to increase optionality and bolster the payment journey it offers merchants. 

John Lunn, CEO and Founder of Gr4vy, commented: “We evaluated merchant’s needs and the payments industry as a whole and recognised an increased need to deliver state-of-the-art and diverse ways to pay given the worldwide marketplace.

“Paying by credit card is always a viable option; however, the ability for consumers to pay directly from their bank account has become more critical due to costs merchants face when using other payment types. The increase in choice at checkout has also shown to increase sales. 

“We’re proud to partner with Banked and GoCardless. Together we’re enabling merchants and their customers a simple, streamlined process while offering a variety of ways to pay based on their individual needs.”

As part of the agreements between Gr4vy, GoCardless and Banked, merchants’ customers will be able to utilise open banking technology and direct debit payments to deliver elevated options at checkout. 

Karl Stjernstrom, Head of Enterprise Partnerships for GoCardless added: “Today’s consumers want more choice in how they pay; no longer is credit card the default or preferred option. One method that is gaining popularity is account-to-account payments, or those made from one bank account directly to another. 

“Not only do they provide consumers a safer and more seamless way to pay, they lower costs and reduce churn for merchants too. 

“We’re excited to offer these types of payments, from our best-in-class bank debit capability to new features harnessing open banking, to our joint customers with Gr4vy.”

Brad Goodall, CEO and Co-Founder of Banked concluded on the collaborations: “Gr4vy’s approach is cutting edge and is completely aligned with the merchant to reduce cost and increase conversion. 

“Banked is excited to be integrated into the Gr4vy platform, building on our network of distributors. We believe the partnership with Gr4vy will be a way to accelerate the options available to both merchants and end consumers to drive down cost and increase payment security and efficiency.”