YouGov has published the findings of a recent study, outlining gender differences in gambling behaviours by developing a better understanding of consumer habits.

In its ‘What draws British women to online betting and what deters them?’ study, the public opinion researcher cites a plurality of 36% of male and female gamblers who chose to gamble because it is a ‘fun thing to do’.

Overall figures noted that 1-in-5 (20%) male/female gamblers stated that they can ‘fantasize about winning’, with 15% disclosing that they ‘play to win big’. However, the preference of male bettors towards sports wagering was also demonstrated. 

Only 7% of women surveyed stated that they bet online to ‘enhance the experience of what they’re betting on, although on the other hand, only 1% of women responded that they bet online ‘in order to demonstrate skill’ as opposed to 6% of men.

Examining the motivations of betting customers, YouGov found that 46% of women and 48% of men stated that they could not outline a particular reason for gambling, suggesting that the right marketing message could appeal to both demographics.

Meanwhile, 19% of female respondents who stated that they had not participated in gambling in the past 12-months, specified that the activity simply hadn’t occurred to them.

YouGov’s study outlined notable differences between women and men when comparing general gambling beliefs and attitudes – as 45% of British women feel that online gambling should not be allowed, in comparison to 39% of men. Further feedback cited that women were much less likely to talk about gambling with friends and family (20% men vs. 12% of women).

Concluding its findings, YouGov remarked that its online gambling research was set against a ‘considerable online divide’ as a third of British men (33%) had gambled online during the past 12-months, well above the estimated 24% figure for women.

The organisation stated: “Coupling this result with data around barriers, well-crafted marketing initiatives could help increase the female consumer base to achieve gender parity in the online gambling space.”