Amex taps into BNPL payments to boost airline industry recovery


As the airline industry seeks to accelerate its recovery from the pandemic, American Express has expanded instalment payments to flight transactions. 

It means customers can engage with AmexTravel to pay for flights in a more flexible way, something which takes on heightened importance as global economies look to navigate through what has been a significantly tough period. 

Furthermore, it builds on the exponential growth of Buy Now, Pay Later offerings with an increasing number of global markets embracing it as an alternative to standard transactions – especially in Europe and North America. 

In spite of slightly less flights being available compared to prior to the pandemic, the world is opening up again and airlines are experiencing a substantial period of engagement as consumers look to travel once again. 

As well as this, UK startup Fly Now, Pay Later has also recently reported growth as the airline industry clearly eyes enhanced growth and consumer traffic through the latest innovation within payment strategies. 

CEO of the startup, Jasper Dykes stated recently: “The recovery of travel is likely to be gradual, but when it happens, we hope that by giving people the freedom to b1ook a trip and pay at a pace that works for them, will help spur reservations.

“There are tens of thousands of people who have families around the world who need a frictionless way to finance their flights. By removing financial boundaries, we hope to open the post-COVID-19 world for travellers and reconnect people with their friends and families around the globe.”