American Express and Worldpay to ‘simplify’ SME card acceptance

American Express
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American Express has signed a new deal with Worldpay to make it easier for small businesses to welcome American Express cardmembers.

Building on American Express’ strategic approach, this agreement further bolsters the company’s momentum in the UK by expanding the accessibility of its cardmembers to a wider range of locations. 

Dan Edelman, Vice President and UK General Manager of Merchant Services at American Express, said: “As our cardmember base continues to grow in the UK, we’ve been making great strides in expanding our merchant coverage. 

“This new strategic agreement will help power our progress, meaning thousands of additional small businesses across the country can benefit from welcoming Amex cardmembers who, on average, spend 3.9 times more annually and 3.2 times more frequently than non-cardmembers.”

American Express has recently concentrated on enhancing its presence in the UK. Not only has the total number of Amex-accepting locations in the UK increased by 46% over the past three years, but the payments giant has also introduced new products this year.

For instance, the company launchedPlan It’ in February, which allows its credit card members to pay off purchases from their statements.

Through this recent deal, both Worldpay and its merchants will benefit from a streamlined experience under the new agreement, as it includes receiving a single statement to reconcile transactions, one settlement process, a simplified onboarding journey and a single point of contact for servicing.

Chris Wood, General Manager SMB International and US Direct at Worldpay, said: “Working in partnership with American Express, we’re pleased to be opening up more opportunities for our base of merchants in the UK and Ireland to benefit from the spending power of loyal Amex Cardmembers. 

“Consumers expect to pay the way they want to. By enabling our merchants to expand their choice of payments options more seamlessly, we’re helping them serve their customers better.”