The Equals Group has linked with the TruNarrative platform, as the firm seeks to help drive operational efficiency and facilitate a smoother consumer experience.  

Through its tech, TruNarrative focuses on enabling businesses to safely onboard customers, detect fraud and identify risk via a single API. 

The Equals Group consists of well-established international payments and e-banking brands including Equals Money, FairFX and CardOneMoney.

The brands deliver a range of money management solutions to their business and personal clients which include expense management, global payments and foreign exchange currency services. Combined, these services help clients manage spending, cashflow and international transactions.

Ryan Morrison, Chief Operating Officer at TruNarrative, commented: “Our partnership with the Equals Group demonstrates our commitment to working with innovative, high-growth businesses. We look forward to helping them drive greater efficiency and maintain a low-friction customer experience.”

The Equals Group were searching for a solution to enhance their Group-wide customer onboarding, compliance and fraud prevention strategy.

The partnership delivers Equals Group full access to the TruNarrative solution and its capabilities for; KYC, KYB, identity verification and ongoing risk monitoring of individual and business customers.

Matthijs Boon, Chief Operating Officer at the Equals Group, added: “We are always on the lookout for the latest and greatest tech solutions to help us deliver the best service possible to our clients. Through TruNarrative, we can address an integral part of our customer’s journey and take it to the next level.”

The TruNarrative solution integrates with the Group’s existing tech stack, including their core platform and front-end systems, delivering them the ability to efficiently make customer acquisition and business risk decisions.

Through the TruNarrative platform, the Equals Group can access a full case management system for manual review and referrals. Helping them make informed onboarding decisions with the full customer in view, delivering time savings and relieving pressure on referral management teams.

Alongside a natural language rule builder allowing for rapid strategy changes and an automated frictionless experience for low-risk applications, the Group can access 50+ third-party data providers and a comprehensive audit trail for instant recall for regulatory purposes.