PrimeiroPay has united with Cybersource, Visa’s payment management platform, growing the way it enables cross-border merchant access to Latin America’s key markets.

The partnership aims to support the way that PrimeiroPay’s merchants can elevate their revenue through growth into new markets. A key part of this comes through the acquirer connectivity provided by Cybersource, while slowing foreign exchange fluctuation risk. 

Tim Werner, Founder and Managing Director at PrimeiroPay commented: “Latin America represents a high-potential revenue stream to merchants worldwide that many times remains untapped because of the complexity of opening local entities in such diverse countries. We eliminate this hassle. Combining PrimeiroPay’s financial and regulatory expertise with Cybersource’s groundbreaking technology, our clients benefit from an income that they wouldn’t otherwise uncover. 

“Combined with Cybersource’s innovative technology, our new solution helps increase merchant acceptance rates, creates redundancy, and allows for easier and quicker integration with international banking and acquiring partners across the region, every time our clients decide to launch a new market with us.”

The collaboration will place a heightened focus on high-growth markets such as Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile and Argentina. As payment management technology partners, PrimeiroPay and Cybersource help deliver expanded solutions, streamlined operations, and increasingly robust payment flows in complex markets.

Christian Deger, Head of Europe at Cybersource added: “We are delighted to team up with PrimeiroPay, supporting their business goals in opening up new markets for their merchants in Latin America through our strong global network of acquirers.

“This is another example of how we are providing our growing ecosystem of payments partners access to Cybersource’s innovative and robust payment management platform, to help deliver flexible, creative commerce solutions to their merchants in today’s digital-first world.”

Expert Analysis: This partnership is in a strong position to elevate growth in some of the key markets within some of the most exciting and potentially fruitful markets in the LatAm region.