Stocard, the specialist European mobile wallet, has deepened its footprint in Europe, with the expansion of its payment feature, Stocard Pay. 

The card will be rolled out across four European countries: Italy, France, Germany and the Netherlands having launched in the UK in June this year.

This latest announcement from Stocard is the first of a series of features as it sets its eyes on enhanced engagement as a financial services provider.

Björn Goß, CEO and co-founder of Stocard, commented: “The launch of Stocard Pay in four more European markets is a major step for us to bring the future of banking to our users. The digital wallet is becoming the central hub in our lives for everything around money, shopping, and banking.

“We see the future of banking as purely mobile and working in conjunction with other financial services in one easily accessible place. Stocard Pay is the first major feature with several more planned over the next months as we create this future of shopping and banking through Europe’s leading mobile wallet for everyone.”

The new feature was developed to complement the end-to-end shopping experience that the existing Stocard app offers by adding multiple bank cards to the app. Stocard Pay allows users to create a virtual credit card hosted in the app.