AstroPay has continued to strengthen its portfolio of partners after announcing a new collaboration with Betzest

In collaborating with the firm, the operator looks to boost engagement by offering ‘easy, instant, secure transactions’ for the Latin American online gaming industry.

AstroPay is already available on Betzest cashier, offering real-time payments for LatAm players.

Marius Filip, Founder/CMO at Betzest, commented on the new deal: “We are thrilled to conclude another new agreement with AstroPay product for our players and this innovative & secure mobile payment provider will play a vital role in helping Betzest to facilitate transactions in the Latam market. 

“A big thank you to our Betzest team for this great achievement and to AstroPay Team for their constant support during the process.”

The partnership builds on AstroPay’s previously announced deal with One Touch. 

As part of that new e-wallet offering, users are now able to make deposits and withdrawals through a ‘natural and simple procedure’ that allows them to set configurable auto limits as well as generate an account or buy balance from the merchant site.