JCB unites with Paymentwall to heighten engagement in digital media

JCB International, the international operations subsidiary of JCB, Japan’s only international payment brand has collaborated with Paymentwall for the activation of JCB cards in the digital media and home entertainment sectors.

This partnership seeks to simplify the online transactional journey for digital media and home entertainment communities as they make in-app and online purchases from small and medium-sized companies across the world.

Honor Gunday, CEO of Paymentwall said: “establishing a relationship with JCB has been a key milestone for us as we expand into new regions where we can offer our customers and end-users more advanced payment options. JCB has almost 60 years of insight and understanding when it comes to its cardmembers across countries in Southeast Asia, Japan, China, and Korea. We are happy to be a part of this network.”

The collaboration is set to expand the virtual media entertainment market even further. Additionally, this partnership will offer cardmembers enhanced fraud protection, speedier transactions, local payment processing and 24/7 in-app help and support functions.

Tsuyoshi Notani, Managing Director, JCB International (Europe) Ltd. expressed: “Our flexible approach with our partners has enabled us to work alongside Paymentwall to help their mobile entertainment developers and merchants to reach their aspirations too. 

“This collaboration is one that we are particularly excited about as it will support the growing trend and consumption growth of virtual media and home entertainment, which has gained popularity with our cardmembers, especially in recent months. We are both looking forward to unlocking the gateway to Asia for Paymentwall’s online retailers, as well as securing card acceptance for our global cardmembers.”