Seeking to boost the way businesses accept transactions across all channels of commerce, Stitch Payments has been officially launched. 

Stitch’s solutions allow businesses to seamlessly meet the ever-changing needs of modern, secure and omni-channel payment acceptance.  This allows the payments integration firm to focus on creating tailored payment technology platforms.

Moreover, Stitch Payments includes a slate of offerings to help businesses navigate the changes brought by the COVID-19 pandemic and the need for touch-free payments.

Kevin Gainer, founder and chief executive officer of Stitch Payments commented: “The payments landscape has changed dramatically in recent years, which unfortunately has made way for a disjointed system that requires businesses to work with several vendors to accomplish what once was straightforward: accepting payment wherever their customers wish to pay. 

“You should only ever have to deal with one contact for all your payment channels. That’s at the core of how we operate at Stitch, curating the best solution for your business’s unique needs.”

What has become Stitch today originally began growing in 2016, when founder and chief executive officer Kevin Gainer left the leadership team at CardConnect to form his own payments company. With increased demand and a growing customer base, Gainer brought on Daniel Dorfman — also a former CardConnect employee — in 2019 to lead the firm’s marketing and business development initiatives. It was through this partnership that Stitch Payments was created.

Stitch also offers a payment gateway for integrating payments to various software systems – whether that be a developer creating a custom solution with APIs or using an out-of-box integration for popular applications like Oracle ERP and Salesforce CRM.

Stitch’s custom solutions leverage the company’s relationships with partners such as Fiserv, Worldpay, NMI, CardConnect, Clover and Poynt.