Neccton links with Fraugster to enhance fight against gambling fraud

Payment security company Fraugster has united with data science and AI specialist neccton in order to create a safer and more secure online gambling experience for both operators and players. 

The collaboration brings together Fraugster’s specialist knowledge of fraud prevention and neccton’s Mentor software allowing operators to enjoy greater security against fraud, improved efficiency through AI and more informed player protection through accurate, real-time data analysis. 

Michael Auer, Managing Director of neccton, commented: “By partnering with Fraugster we are able to provide 360-degree protection to our clients, from both regulatory requirements and fraudsters, all with a single data integration. 

“Our clients will enjoy an out-of-the-box solution which streamlines data flow and eliminates the need for additional solution providers. They will be able to simplify operations and cut costs.”

This partnership aims to solve three of the biggest challenges facing gambling operators today. 

  • Responsible Gaming that meets regulatory requirements from operators to protect vulnerable players from developing gambling addictions. 
  • Anti-Money Laundering prevention, in line with strict regulatory requirements, to avoid money from illegal activities being laundered. 
  • Online Fraud, such as account takeover, bonus abuse, device risk and chargebacks, which puts both operators and players at risk. 

The partnership between neccton and Fraugster includes the integration of Fraugster’s innovative proprietary AI technology into neccton’s platform, to offer their customers complete protection from fraudsters and potentially burdensome industry regulations. 

The out-of-the-box solution will make for a safer and more secure gambling experience without disrupting the entertainment experience. The integration of Fraugster’s technology supports operators to become more effective and efficient at fighting fraud, by becoming more accurate and increasing automation. Simplifying operations and streamlining the customer data flow will also help improve efficiency. 

Fraugster CEO Max Laemmle, added: “We’re very excited to be teaming with neccton and are thrilled to deliver meaningful results for their customers with our AI technology. While neccton protects operators and players from irresponsible gaming, we protect neccton’s partners from online fraud.”

Expert Analysis: This partnership is well-positioned to strengthen the security and form a safer online gambling space for operators. Utilising AI can be key to the continued goal of heightening player protection and safeguarding against fraud.