The US branch of Trust Payments has been granted a vendor licence for its US gaming platform by Colorado’s Division of Gaming. It enables the company to process betting payments and oversee customer onboarding and verification of players for licensed operators within the Silver State.

Colorado, which became one of the 23 US states to legalise sports betting earlier this year, has already seen significant growth, with the potential of annually generating as much as $6 billion in bets at maturity. 

Jonathan O’Connor, CEO of the US division of EU based Trust Payments said: “I’m delighted that we have been awarded a licence in Colorado. This complements our existing licences in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Nevada and positions us for further expansion and growth in the US. Our ambition is to support operators in all US states where sports betting is legal.” 

Kevin Dodson, SVP Gaming at Trust Payments added on the new expansion: “This is great news for all of our existing and future customers. We are looking forward to delivering our unified offering for pay-in and pay-out services to operators within Colorado.” 

In announcing the new licence, Trust Payments also outlined its focus on utilizing technology to elevate the customer journey. The firm has extensive experience within the sector, which it seeks to build on in order to maximise engagement and elevate the user experience. 

Expert Analysis: Although late to the party in terms of legalisation, Colorado can be a thriving market for sports betting in the US. Expansion into the state for Trust Payments can be a fruitful venture as the firm maximises the role that technology will increasingly play within sports betting.