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Global Fintech company, Rapyd is expanding its single, “full-stack,” payment solution in the United Kingdom allowing businesses locally and globally to access every major local payment method such as cash, bank transfers, e-wallets, and cards — through one integrational connection.

In collaboration with several major payment partners including Visa, Mastercard, Payzone, and ClearBank, Rapyd’s all-in-one payment solution facilitates payments locally, and across borders for companies of any size, through one single API, reconciliation process, and contract.

Sarel Tal, Vice President, Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) at Rapyd stated: “The idea behind our full-stack offering is simple: provide companies with the capability to accept every major local payment method without having to expend resources to build complex payments infrastructure needed to power fintech and commerce applications as digital payments accelerate. 

“By enabling both disparate local and global payment networks, we are able to provide businesses around the world a way to tap into the growing UK market quickly, while minimizing operational costs and managing all local regulatory requirements. Rapyd’s integrated Fintech as a Service platform and global payments network reduces this down to one, powerfully simple API.”

Rapyd’s “full-stack” approach seeks to bring every disparate and fragmented local payment method in a specific country into a single, integrated connection. Businesses can simply plug in the Rapyd API to provide consumers with a local payment experience. 

Furthermore, it allows companies located outside of the UK to seamlessly operate in the UK market from anywhere in the world, all through one platform.

Martin Rouse, Retail Director at Payzone underlined: “With the launch of this platform, Rapyd is making operating in the UK market as simple and efficient as it can be for companies around the world. We are excited to work with Rapyd to provide local payment options for companies around the globe and help them grow their businesses and provide better payment options for UK consumers.”

Rapyd’s fintech focuses on unique flexibility with its service,  giving businesses a wider range of options in crafting new payment strategies by being able to issue and accept cards through a single connection. 

The company’s principal membership in the United Kingdom for card-issuing and acquiring with both Visa and MasterCard offers merchants a greater range of capabilities so they can scale faster and simplify their back-office operations.

Simon Jones, CCO of ClearBank added: “We’re delighted to partner with Rapyd on the launch of this integrated payment solution. It’s vital that businesses are able to meet the growing customer demand for the real-time payments. Rapyd’s platform will enable global businesses to offer the ability to make payments 24/7/365 via the Rapyd API, providing UK consumers & businesses with the seamless experience that they increasingly expect.”