Continuing to boost its position within the verification sector, FIME has been accredited to test biometric components in line with FIDO Alliance’s Biometric Component Certification Program. 

The accreditation enables device manufacturers and solution providers to ensure the quality and performance of biometric authentication solutions including fingerprint, facial, voice, and iris recognition.

Stephanie El Rhomri, Vice President of Services at FIME commented: “In an age dominated by cumbersome passwords, biometric authentication delivers stronger security while improving UX. And in a post-PSD2 world, it’s a compelling option for the payments world to meet new Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) requirements. ” 

“Expanding our existing biometric offering is an important strategic move for us. FIDO Alliance is leading biometric authentication standardization efforts and we’re proud to be sharing our support and expertise that we are developing with insights from two research projects to help advance its success.”

Dr. Rae Hayward, Certification Director, FIDO Alliance added on the news: “The Biometric Component Certification Program is the first of its kind in the industry, enhancing the security, interoperability and usability of biometric authentication methods. 

“Support from testing experts such as FIME is invaluable to the continued success and adoption of our standards and, in turn, moving us closer to our goal of removing reliance on server-side passwords to authenticate users.”

Expert Analysis: The significance of this accreditation can’t be understated, The Biometric Component Certification Program is key, as FIME seeks to adapt and stay ahead in the growing evolving industry.