OneID receives ACCS accreditation to authenticate the age of over 40M

Identity authentication firm OneID has gained full ACCS-accreditation to be an age checking provider to over 40 million people online in the UK.

The accreditation states that OneID can “effectively identify appropriate levels of assurance” to users of its Age Verification products, which aim to help businesses and consumers safe when operating online. 

OneID has played a significant role in age identification within the UK as the Online Safety Bill outlines an “urgent need” for age regulations to be implemented to protect young and vulnerable people from abuse. 

The Age Verification, Verified ID, and Verified Sign Up and Sign In products from the UK-based firm mitigates the risk of under-18s from abuse and potential items such as knives, blades, and alcohol. 

Mis-selling to underage buyers was of particular concern in the Online Safety Bill. It requires that items an 18 year-old cannot legally purchase that are mis-sold on, the responsibility falls upon the seller and could face fines or prosecution. 

OneID aims to help sellers, in this case, by implementing their range of age verification systems to correctly identify the age of a buyer. 

“OneID’s certification with ACCS is another step closer to achieving our dream of keeping our customer’s information safe online, delivering a social purpose of safeguarding their information and respecting our customer’s privacy,” said Vijay Nagarajan, Head of Business Strategy and Performance at OneID. 

Companies such as DocuSign and Sports Alliance have implemented OneID’s product to their systems.