Amazon eyes increased payment efficiency with hand data integration

Amazon is seeking to significantly heighten payment efficiency by integrating a feature that allows users to link their credit card data to the palm of their hand, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The report, of which Amazon declined to comment, suggested that the online giant may seek to utilise coffee shops and a plethora of other merchants that see consumers continually using their credit card. 

Although formation of the plans are reportedly in their infancy, the news marks a continued trend of online technology platforms seeking to become a part of the financial sector and the way people utilise digital finance. 

It also comes as Amazon deepens its focus on payment efficiency with its Amazon Go stores providing a home for payment evolutions. With this, customers are afforded the opportunity to maximise the digital wallet by allowing consumers to depart the store without going through the payment process of payment. 

The firm has also recently confirmed the expansion of its stores across the US, as it continues in its quest to revolutionise the methods consumers undertake to shop. 

Furthermore, Amazon’s plans will raise a myriad of questions over eradicating fraud, however it’s been reported that the firm is working with a host leading banks in ensuring the efficient safeguards against fraud are in place.