Insolar expands list of partners with Microsoft and Oracle

Insolar, provider of blockchain solutions for enterprise, has announced a range of new platform collaborations with leading firms including Microsoft and Oracle.

Expected to “fortify Insolar’s marquee position in driving blockchain innovation,” the company also added a group of national innovation agencies (Innosuisse, UK Energy Innovation Centre, and the German Energy Agency, dena) to its list of partners.

“Our collaborations with Microsoft and Oracle create significant technical and market synergies for all parties,” said Insolar CEO Andrey Zhulin

“Big-picture, they advance the entire enterprise market, giving companies a streamlined way to access robust DLT solutions using Insolar’s innovative, cloud-based capabilities.”

Partnering with Microsoft is to utilise the Azure cloud computing platform more efficiently with Insolar contributing its platform and expertise to the Azure ecosystem, enabling Azure clients to deploy on the blockchain. 

The firm will also work closely with Oracle to upgrade the Oracle Cloud with blockchain features. 

With a November release date set for its leading product – MainNet – these partnerships are part of the firm’s mission for real-world blockchain usage.

MainNet brings “enterprise-grade, production-deployable” blockchain capabilities to business at scale and is built upon its TestNet launch, which demonstrated speeds in excess of 19,500 transactions per second on a network of 20 nodes.