HooYu joins NICE Actimize risk management marketplace

HooYu, specialists in ID verification and fraud investigation, has joined the X-Sight Marketplace, NICE Actimize’s financial crime risk management focused ecosystem.

Designed to build on top of the X-Sight Platform-as-a-Service, the marketplace is a product developed to assist financial services organisations evaluate new point solutions and stay in line with a “challenging regulatory and criminal environment.”

“We are excited that HooYu, who shares our common goal of fighting financial crime through the benefits of a Marketplace ecosytem, is partnering with us and joining the X-Sight Marketplace community,” said Craig Costigan, CEO, NICE Actimize

“By connecting via a cloud environment, community participants will experience a quicker time to value and minimized integration cost as they evaluate new solutions for their financial services organizations.”

HooYu combines traditional methods of customer verification and PEP/sanctions screening with real-time digital footprint analysis and facial biometrics.

Incorporating its offerings to NICE Actimize’s AML and Fraud solutions is expected to provide enhanced risk management services across KYC, account takeover fraud, synthetic ID fraud, and payments fraud.

David Pope, marketing director, HooYu commented: “HooYu welcomes this partnership with NICE Actimize as we bring innovation and business value to financial services organisations looking for more modern customer identification and screening processes that improve customer on-boarding success while bolstering financial crime prevention.

“There is strong synergy and alignment between the industry-leading financial crime solutions and platforms that NICE Actimize offers its community and HooYu. We look forward to building our presence within this innovative community platform.”

HooYu recently announced a new partnership with British bookmaker Betfred.