MIRACL to capture gaming industry’s Trust with new authentication solution

Web security firm MIRACL is set to release a new authentication product aimed at supporting the gaming sector against the ever-developing threat from fraudsters.

Dubbed MIRACL Trust and set to launch through its gaming solutions division, the product utilises “cutting edge military-grade cryptography” and 7 patents to form what’s called a ‘Zero Knowledge Proof’.

This therefore removes the need for personal user data to be either stored or sent for authentication as the solution uses a 4-6 PIN digit concept for access. 

CEO of MIRACL, Rob Griffin elaborated: “Everyone hates usernames and passwords; users and operators alike. They represent the single biggest threat to safe online gaming and need to be replaced immediately. 

“During the last year, the body of usernames and passwords that is for sale on the dark web has ballooned so things have reached a tipping point that has rendered them no longer fit for purpose in a real-money gaming environment with growing regulatory pressure and fraud considerations. It is time to re-evaluate.”

Aimed at “challenging the increasingly out-dated concept of passwords and stored credentials,” the solution has no database associated it that could represent a GDPR liability.

The global release comes ahead of the SBC Betting on Sports conference this September where the product will be officially launched on stand K22.

MIRACL already lays claim to supplying the world’s only 100% software, multi-factor authentication PIN based solution to customers such as banking giant Crédit Agricole and consumer credit leader, Experian

The multi-factor authentication operates in-app and cross-platform to keep user experience consistent; the solution runs as a pay-as-you-go model.

“MIRACL Trust enables secure log-in and transactions across browser or app, mobile or desktop with a 4 digit PIN, supported by patent-awarded IP that enables the most secure multi-factor authentication on the market,” continued Griffin.

“It’s a world first and a concept that I believe is a no-brainer for the highly active online gaming sector.”