PayMaya combines ID with finance for the University of the Philippines

The University of the Philippines (UP) has formed a partnership with online payment provider PayMaya to provide students with a new identity card that can be also used to financial transactions.

The University has signed a memorandum of agreement with the payment firm for the creation and deployment of the cards that can be used inside university grounds. It is expected to be launched by August this year.

President of the University of the Philippines, Danilo Concepcion, explained that the project was initially focusing on providing a dual-used card for meals and ID before someone referred to PayMaya’s system and from there development talks begun.

He said: “As we celebrate our 111th founding anniversary this year, we look forward to the launch of our next-generation UP ID. 

“As the top educational institution in the country today, UP will lead the way toward a tech-enabled university of the future, and we thank our partners at PayMaya for helping us achieve this objective.”

Students and employees at the university will be able to utilise the new card to pay for food, beverages along with receive any allowances, pay for dormitory and other school fees.

Along with the payment capabilities, the new identity cards will also come equipped with near field communication (NFC) technology that provide access to the university’s various facilities and services, as well as for registration and time keeping purposes. 

“We are excited for UP students to experience the myriad of benefits that come with their new UP ID,” commented Orlando B. Vea, founder and CEO at PayMaya Philippines.

“As future leaders of the country, our students must be equipped with relevant technologies to make their campus life more productive and enjoyable.”

Users of the new ID card can enable the card for external transactions however will have to arrange through a separate agreement through PayMaya.