SIA wins Bank of Italy tender to manage illicit payments register

SIA has won an eight-year concession to manage the Bank of Italy’s Interbank Register of Bad Cheques and Payment Cards (Centrale di Allarme Interbancaria – CAI).

The Interbank Register contains the personal details of all individuals who have issued bank and postal checks without authorization or the necessary funds, as well as the personal details of those whose authorization to use debit and credit cards has been revoked due to the non-payment of sums relating to transactions or withdrawals made by card.

The register, which contributes to ensuring the smooth running of the national payments system, was established by law following the depenalization of a series of minor offences including the issuing of cheques without authorization or without funds.

SIA, a leader in the management of technology infrastructures and services for financial institutions, will manage the CAI central infrastructure, owned by the Bank of Italy, as well as the interconnections with remote sections at reporting institutions such as banks, supervised card-issuing financial intermediaries, Poste Italiane, prefectures through the Ministry of the Interior, and judicial authorities through the Ministry of Justice.

Furthermore, the development of new applicative functions and the use of infrastructural components, including SIA’s innovative “Active-Active” technology architecture, is provided to guarantee 24/7 continuity in the provision of services.