Santander introduces mobile app fraud warnings

Santander UK has introduced new tailored warnings on its banking app to help tackle alternative types of fraud.

Upon making a payment, or setting up a standing order, customers will receive tailored warnings when they transfer money through their banking app, as part of anti-scam measures being rolled out this month.

Customers must authorise the payments through the bank’s mobile app and then will be asked to select the reason for the transaction, such as ‘paying for services’ or ‘paying friends or family’.

The customer will then receive a tailored warning explaining how criminals might be tricking them into transferring money.

Chris Ainsley, Head of Fraud Strategy at Santander said: “We are committed to helping our customers protect themselves against fraud and these innovative enhancements to our mobile banking app are the latest step in that fight.”

Santander hope these specific tailored warnings will help raise awareness for the type of fraud that is commonly associated with the given payment.

Customers will also be able to authorise online shopping transactions using biometric solutions – ie fingerprint or facial recognition.

If the customer senses a security risk in anyway with the payment after reading the warning, they can choose to cancel and click on an icon to speak to a Santander representative. They will also be given the option to delay a payment from their account.

Customers making online transactions that use a system known as 3D secure will receive a notification to their online banking app, asking them to verify the payment using their security details, or fingerprint and facial recognition.

Ainsley continued: “The new features will mean that the three million customers who use our mobile app will have the information at their fingertips to help stop the scammers, as well as giving them an easy way to cancel and contact us directly if they feel uncomfortable with a payment.”