Jumio introduces first end-to-end biometric verification

Digital verification solutions provider Jumio has detailed that it will strengthen its merchant services, utilising facial biometric identification provisions.

Powered by FaceTec facial biometrics technology, the solution uses ‘video-selfie authentication’ for the propose of customer identity proofing and ongoing user authentication.

Stephen Stuut, CEO of Jumio spoke of the importance of security and establishing trust in transactions that use biometrics.

He said: “Jumio is pioneering selfie-based authentication to allow businesses to leverage biometric user data captured during enrolment and re-verify that data in the future.

“With our new selfie-based authentication, users are not required to repeat the identity proofing process again – they just take a quick selfie – and as the digital chain of trust grows, so does the security level.”

Security Risks

In the press release, Jumio acknowledged the importance of covering every angle for fraudsters and claim their ‘iBeta Level 1 and Level 2 Certified anti-spoofing technology’ removes any risk.

Upon enrolment, a user takes a photo of their government-issued ID (driver’s license, passport or ID card) and then takes a video-selfie, which is analysed via AI to determine that they are living human and not a fake.

The selfie is compared to the picture on the ID document to reliably establish the digital identity of the new user.

Later when the user wants to log into their account or whenever a high-risk transaction occurs, Jumio Authentication allows the user to take another video-selfie (where a new 3D face map is created), which is then compared to the original face map, verifying the user and unlocking the account.

“Data breaches have put hundreds of millions of personal records and passwords into the hands of fraudsters, but biometric technology, especially face authentication, holds universal promise for solving our user access security challenges,” said Kevin Alan Tussy, CEO of FaceTec.

“ZoOm provides Jumio’s customers with 3D face authentication featuring iBeta/NIST Level 1&2 Certified Liveness Detection based on the ISO 30107 standard, making it secure enough to replace passwords, knowledge-based authentication, and even SMS-based two-factor authentication on over 10 billion supported devices.”