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Verto and ForexPeople join to “empower” South African international B2B payments

FX enabler Verto has teamed up with foreign exchange intermediary ForexPeople to enable simplified global payments for South African businesses. Verto, which is authorised by...

Verto looks to “turbocharge” cross-border payments with new API launch

Cross-border payments provider Verto has announced the release of its new API for currency conversion and beneficiary management.

Verto unveils B2B foreign currency payments solution

The new offering supports payments in 51 currencies, to and from 190 countries.

Verto adds 12 new currencies to expand cross-border transactions

B2B exchange marketplace Verto has announced the expansion of the portfolio of currencies available on its platform.  The growth seeks to bring more frictionless functionality,...

Russia looks to UnionPay to ease the impact of Western sanctions

Russia is looking to China to ease the economic pressure caused by the intensifying of sanctions by Western governments and financial institutions.  With lines at...

Visa enhances cross-border strategy with the acquisition of Currencycloud

Visa has announced the signing of a definitive agreement to acquire Currencycloud, in a significant move in the firm’s commitment to fintech.  Currencycloud is a...

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