Mastercard expands Uruguay presence with biometric palm checkout program

credit: Shutterstock
credit: Shutterstock

In a bid to expand the usage of its global biometric checkout program, Mastercard will pilot  the ability to pay with palms in Uruguay in collaboration with several partners. 

The expansion of the Mastercard biometric checkout program sees Ingenico, Fujitsu Frontech, Fulcrum Biometrics and Scanntech come on board to test the pay by palm biometric at Tienda Inglesa’s Red Expres in Uruguay. 

Red Expres shoppers can register their information, payment credentials and biometrics on-site and pay for goods by placing their hand over a sensor at the payment terminal. 

The biometric checkout programe allows for faster payments and shorter lines at checkout, integrating loyalty programs with the aim for an enhanced and personalised customer experience. 

Federico Cofman, Mastercard’s Cluster Lead for Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay, said: “We are excited to expand our Biometric Checkout Program further into Latin America with the launch of our pilot program at Red Expres. 

“Consumers are looking for more choice in how they pay, and thanks to our collaborative innovation, we can deliver more seamless, secure payment experiences.”

Mastercard’s biometric checkout program seeks to build standards for new ways to pay in-store. The biometric system was built by Ingenico and Fulcrum Biometrics, enabling pilot participants to register their palm biometrics and link it to debit, prepaid or credit cards, without a wallet or device.

After launching the program in Brazil in Spring 2022, Mastercard expanded upon its biometric efforts in the Asia Pacific region last year. The payments giant will launch several biometric pilots in several other countries and regions this year. 

Arnaud Dubreuil, Director of Innovation, Ingenico, added: “Palm is one of the most secure biometrics for identifying customers and enabling a smooth and seamless payment experience. 

“It is faster than traditional chip and pin and offers several tangible advantages, including unmatched security. We are seeing a lot of interest from merchants in the solution that we have developed with Fulcrum Biometrics. Through the Mastercard Program, these global partnerships are set to transform payment experiences for more consumers.”

Launched in Spring 2022 in Brazil, the program is set to transform in-store payments. Last year, Mastercard announced an expansion of the program to the Asia Pacific region. To continue to advance in-store biometrics, Mastercard will launch several biometric pilots later this year in countries across the globe.