Visa enables SeABank to offer developed digital payments across Vietnam

credit: Shutterstock
credit: Shutterstock

Visa and SeABank are tightening their relationship by delving deeper into their cooperative partnership to offer developed digital payments to the latter’s user base. 

The commercial joint stock bank will work alongside Visa to deliver solutions, improve data capacity functions and open up new opportunities for advancements to accelerate SeABank’s payment services. 

Built on this extension is a focus on five key pillars. The first being an improved customer experience on digital platforms, followed by improving card products and services. 

An optimised card service ecosystem, enhanced efficiency and creativity in marketing and communications as well as improving risk and fraud management in card issuance and payment round up the final pillars for improved digital payment success.

Stephen Karpin, President of Visa, Asia-Pacific Region, commented: “We are honoured to cooperate with SeABank in actualizing our commitment of enhancing Vietnam’s digital payment ecosystem. 

“Partnerships are the key in our journey of supporting banks in improving customer experience and strengthening risk management capacity. Visa is committed to partner with SeABank to obtain the bank’s long-term goals and make further achievements”.

With the support of Visa, SeABank aims to create a “revolution” on its card services and launched various new card lines including: Signature, SeATravel, SeALady, SeAEasy, SeAGolf, BRG Elite with different benefits tailored for each segment. 

The bank’s total card transaction revenue has grown steadily over the years, reaching an annual average growth rate of approximately 125%.

As the rapid transition from cash to digital payments in Vietnam opens up many opportunities for card development, the expanded cooperation is expected to help SeABank open up opportunities towards the future of digital payments. 

Madame Nguyen Thi Nga, Permanent Vice-Chairman of the BOD of SeABank, added: “As part of our Digital Convergence strategy, SeABank always prioritises digitalization of products, services and operations. With the partnership of Visa in recent years, SeABank has made significant changes in card services and formed an increasing impression on customers. 

“The expanded cooperation with Visa acts as a premise for SeABank to further enhance efficiency and operational safety, improve customer experience of card products and services on digital platforms.”