Wirecard whistleblower Pav Gill launches risk management service Confide

credit: Shutterstock
credit: Shutterstock

Following his instrumental role in uncovering the Wirecard scandal, Pav Gill has launched Confide to “revolutionise” how businesses handle governance, risk management and ethical integrity. 

Confined is designed to provide a confidential space for employees and stakeholders to voice concerns without fear of retaliation or exposure, headed by the knowledge and expertise of Gill. 

The former Wirecard employee turned whistleblower against the collapsed company was a key voice in the saga in which the financial services provider was found to be inflating revenue and earnings metrics. 

In order to ensure this isn’t repeated, Confide serves as an organisation offering essential insights on potential “game-over events” that senior leadership management may be unaware or too late to react to. 

By enabling secure and confidential internal reporting, Confide aims to prevent concerns from being stifled by middle management or by the absence of safe reporting avenues. The tool can also be used to digitise the investigation process thus enabling investigators to collect and manage information.

“Confide’s mission is to provide companies with an early detection tool to manage serious concerns internally, upholding integrity and averting potential scandals,” stated Gill, CEO and Founder of Confide. 

“Our unique platform transcends the limitations of existing ‘glorified inbox’ solutions, embodying our commitment to promoting a corporate world where swift, internal issue resolution is the norm—benefitting employees, organisations, and lawmakers alike. 

“The digitization of the internal investigation not only leads to costs and time savings but faith in the whistleblowing channel.”

Confide’s inception comes in the face of recent financial collapses, such as the UK Post Office Horizon scandal, and the collapses of Credit Suisse and Silicon Valley Bank

The company will offer a digitised end-to-end investigation process, with a built-in audit trail. This feature has been labelled crucial for promptly addressing issues and to bolster long-term governance and risk management strategies through a clear record of actions undertaken.