PayPal unlocks more functionality for users with Apple Pay

Credit: Shutterstock

PayPal has unlocked additional functionality for customers wanting to use Apple Wallet in conjunction with their credit and debit cards. 

Following the expansion, users can receive prompts on the PayPal app to connect with Apple Pay in order to make payments in store, online and in-app and at the same time earn rewards and cashback for spending more. 

Additionally, PayPal will also make it possible for users to add their PayPal Business Debit Card and any credit or debit card related to Venmo to Apple Wallet. 

By doing this PayPal and Venmo customers can use Apple Pay on any iOS device for in-app or online payments by inputting their shipping and billing information just once. 

This activation builds on PayPal’s extensive collaborative work with Venmo, which recently saw the inclusion of global card network Visa to develop easier and more secure person-to-person payments.

At the time of the partnership, Chris Newkirk, Global Head of New Payment Flows at Visa, commented: “Consumers continue to seek simple and seamless ways to digitally move money between friends and family, including the ability to send money between different payment platforms.

“We are thrilled to partner with like-minded innovators to broaden the reach of P2P payments across platforms. Through this collaboration, Visa+ can help break down barriers for payment app users as they connect, engage and move money.”