Mastercard and PrestaShop prioritise safety in joint solution

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Mastercard has collaborated with ecommerce solution PrestaShop to introduce Click to Pay, a payment solution that aims to enhance online transactions across Europe.

Mastercard aims to enhance customers’ experiences through this payment solution, by allowing consumers to make purchases without manually entering their card details or passwords, as all payment information is securely stored in a single profile, streamlining the management of payment methods.

Valerie Nowak, Executive Vice President of Product and Innovation at Mastercard Europe, said: “With Click to Pay, we are delivering a tangible response to consumer and merchant demands for faster and safer transactions. This technology represents a significant step forward in the future of digital payments, where efficiency and security go hand in hand”.

This solution aims to streamline the user experience through minimising cart abandonment, while bolstering transaction security via “tokenization.” 

In the context of payments, tokenization converts sensitive card details into non-sensitive characters, called a “token”. This method safeguards personal information, ensuring it remains undisclosed during transactions.

Initially, merchants operating in France, Spain, Italy and the UK using the PrestaShop platform will have the first opportunity to integrate Click to Pay, with the solution being extended into other European and international markets in the near future.

Eric Senechal, Managing Director of PrestaShop, commented: “We are proud to enable our merchants to benefit from Click to Pay, a technology that represents the future of online transactions. Our partnership with Mastercard reflects our joint commitment to innovate and continually enhance the experience for both merchants and consumers”.

The payment giant has also been focusing on protecting its consumers, recently it launched Scam Protect, a suite of solutions powered by AI technology, and partnered with several industry leaders to fight against fraud.