Moss strengthens corporate UK offering with GoCardless payments

Corporate spend management provider Moss has boosted its presence in the UK market through a partnership with payments company GoCardless.

By integrating GoCardless’ direct debit into its offering, Moss will enable clients to fully automate their expense settlements, helping the provider with its goal of minimising the manual work of SMB finance teams and the errors that come with it. 

Ante Spittler, CEO at Moss, said: “At Moss, our mission is to automate spend management to make the month end as seamless as possible for modern finance teams. That’s why we’re excited to offer GoCardless for repayments. 

“It removes one more point of friction for our customer, and helps fulfil our ethos of using automation to help SMBs save time and money.”

Moss has also called GoCardless one of its ‘reliable’ partners, as it allows the Berlin-based company to collect late credit payments from clients automatically, giving its team “peace of mind and reducing the stress of chasing late payments”.

The UK is the latest market being targeted by Moss as part of its wider international expansion strategy. 

Alexandra Chiaramonti, VP and General Manager, EMEA at GoCardless, added: “Moss is a dynamic European start-up and we’re excited to play a pivotal role in their expansion plans. 

“By combining the best of bank payments to get paid on time, every time with a relentless focus on saving businesses time and money, GoCardless and Moss can help millions of SMBs across the continent and beyond.”

GoCardless also deploys Open Banking features, such as real-time single and recurring payments for UK customers, which adds to its verification and fraud prevention capabilities. 

Hiroki Takeuchi, Co-Founder and CEO of GoCardless, concluded: “We’ve spent the past decade optimising bank payments and bringing them into the digital age. 

“Our greatest achievement is building a global bank payment network, connecting disparate payment schemes into one interoperable network – a challenge that our peers and competitors had previously considered insurmountable.”