Frost unveils ‘valuable’ broadband switching tool to help the household budget

Personal finance app Frost has included broadband switching to its ‘Save Assist’ automated provider selection tool to help those looking to curb the 17.3% price hike in broadband prices. 

With Save Assist, Frost is giving customers in-depth information about better provider alternatives that could save them money, and with the addition of broadband switching, this has now been expanded to also include notifications for upcoming contract changes that might otherwise go unnoticed. 

Adding the choice to change broadband providers has also unlocked more functionality for those wanting to help nature along the way, with Save Assist highlighting all available sustainable broadband options that offer cheaper tariffs. 

This represents the first step in Frost’s strategy to counterbalance its own carbon footprint by planning to launch a tree planting initiative for in-app referrals.

Frost believes that its new feature ‘couldn’t have come at a better time’, as broadband prices are currently spiking worldwide due to rising demand for faster and more reliable internet, which by itself requires significant infrastructure investments and high operational costs. 

Pawel Oltuszyk, Frost’s Co-Founder, said: “We are proud to be offering such a valuable tool to our customers during these uncertain times. By providing an easy-to-use platform that empowers individuals to make better financial decisions, we hope to help millions of households regain control of their personal finances.”