Layer One X looks to elevate potential of blockchain with native interoperability

A new blockchain Layer One X, set to launch in August 2023, has revealed it has landed what they term X-talk, which enables different blockchains to directly communicate and work together without middlemen.

In a move that underlines the potential of blockchain, the group detailed it eliminates the need for bridges and could well ‘transform the blockchain ecosystem’.

Native interoperability enables seamless transfer of assets, data, and information between blockchains, fostering collaboration and synergy across different blockchain ecosystems. To date, however, no layer one blockchain has achieved native interoperability until now. 

Layer One X Founder Kevin Coutinho stated on the move: “At Layer One X we have achieved native, decentralised interoperability with X-talk. This world-first we have achieved not only affects blockchain, but it impacts the field of technology as a whole.”

Furthermore, through the technology Layer One X will not only be able to transfer assets between any chain but also logic, which will allow smart contracts on different chains to be able to communicate and collaborate with each other for true cross chain collaboration.

The company described native interoperability as ‘a pivotal milestone’ when it comes to elevating the growth of blockchain technology’s true power. The group cited that the breakthrough not only enhances ‘security, scalability, and flexibility but also fuels innovation, creating a unified, interconnected blockchain ecosystem’.