Open Banking payments provider Trustly has announced a new partnership with savings and investments platform Nordnet

The deal opens up the Nordics to Trustly and its pay-ins offering that enables Nordnet customers to optimise their experience when making deposits. 

Ciaran O’Malley, VP of Sales Financial Services & Ecommerce at Trustly, commented: “I’m delighted with our Nordnet partnership and that our pay-ins now will be fully integrated into Nordnet. We are very proud to be a part of making it easier and more secure for private investors to deposit funds.”

Nordnet will be able to offer Trustly’s payments suite through a single integration, allowing customers to make deposits directly on the Nordnet webpage instead of navigating away from it. 

The service is now live in Sweden and is expected to launch in Norway, Denmark and Finland by the end of the year. 

Rasmus Järborg, Chief Product Officer and Deputy CEO at Nordnet, added: “Trustly’s technology and customer focus made them a natural choice and good fit for Nordnet in our ongoing work to build the best platform for savings and investments. 

“After opening an account on Nordnet’s platform, customers need to deposit money before they can start their investment journey. Finding a quick and smooth way of doing this is therefore core to the experience. 

“With Trustly, our customers are able to fund their accounts instantly and start discovering what stocks or funds they want to buy.”

In an interview with Payment Expert, Trustly’s VP of Gaming Vasilije Lekovic explained the motivation behind the company’s ambitions to lessen deposit pain points: 

“Seamless and frictionless deposits are naturally more important today than ever before. Our team at Open Banking payments provider Trustly has been obsessed with optimising user experiences since our founding.”