Wedge lends its hand to help bolster Fiserv’s AppMarket

Fintech firm Wedge is bringing its capabilities to open banking company Fiserv’s AppMarket to help financial institutions tap into technology to boost growth and collaborate. 

AppMarket was established by Fiserv to serve as an online marketplace where financial institutions can access “transformative” technology in an instant. Wedge is aiming to provide its own tech to further enhance AppMarket partners’ plans to accelerate their growth ambitions. 

Wedge will leverage a real-time fintech ledger and a debit issuing platform from Fiserv to further its goal of “revolutionising” consumer spending, allowing users to spend from multiple accounts via a single card. 

“We have an opportunity to disrupt the payments space and shift how consumers think about optimising their day-to-day spending needs moving forward,” said Billy Roberts, CEO of Wedge. 

“We are incredibly excited about working with Fiserv, and the positive impact we can have in our industry and for consumers.”

The fintech company will provide Fiserv AppMarket partners with the ability to use crypto, stocks, and cash in a way that suits their wants and needs. It will also offer the chance to earn rewards and benefits from market movements. 

Approximately 40% of US banks and credit unions are supported by Fiserv technology and services. The availability of Wedge via AppMarket from Fiserv will enable financial institutions across the country to offer this technology to their account holders.

“Consumers today are particularly interested in options that simplify the payment experience while enabling their dollars to go further,” added Sunil Sachdev, Head of Fintech and Growth at Fiserv. 

“By facilitating availability of programmable payments via AppMarket, we’re empowering our clients to connect their account holders with the fintech experiences they desire, all through their trusted financial institution relationship.”