Ensuring a streamlined payments process can present a number of challenges for sportsbook operators. This is where payments platform provider Pagsmile comes in. 

With a team that holds a wealth of experience in the payments industry, as well as a growing international reach, Pagsmile is helping provide “fast and reliable local processing methods” to sportsbook operators around the world. Sofia Van Thienen, Argentina Deputy Manager – Fintech. discusses.

Payment Expert: For those that don’t know, can you tell us about Pagsmile

Pagsmile is a global payment company which has its headquarters in Beijing and also headquarters in Sao Paulo, Brazil, for the LatAm region. 

Pagsmile has over six local entities to provide local pay-in and payout solutions through alternative payment methods in several countries of the region, offering fast and reliable local processing methods integrated with cross border and multi-currency settlements solutions. This allows merchants all over the world to take their business abroad and collect funds all over the world with the localisation from each region to succeed in the market . 

Payment Expert: What would you say are your USPs? Why should companies choose to partner with you?

Pagsmile has an excellent technology team which has years of experience in the payment industry. This has allowed us to create a product that can scale your business no matter how high your volume of transactions. We guarantee payment processing with fast and reliable solutions.

We are also able to hold the merchant’s balance in local currency, or USD, which grants them the possibility to better adjust their balance to a way that fits better their own financial flow. 

On that line, Pagsmile also offers a multi currency dashboard and cross border settlements in USD or EUR to particularities that are especially helpful for international companies looking to have their business established in LatAm.

Pagsmile can handle over 18,000 pay-in transactions per minute, and also has a massive capacity for high volume mass payout solutions in multiple countries. Top-up is available through international bank wire or local currency for payouts success. 

Solo Brazil Pagsmile is processing over 15 million pay-in transactions and 8 million payout transactions on a monthly basis, there is now a huge opportunity to explore with a new instant payment solution called PIX in Brazil. With this instant bank to bank transfer Brazilians are more and more active in online purchases. 

All of these features are available after our easy API integration, and if any issue arises, our support service works 24/7

Payment Expert: What are the key challenges facing sportsbook operators when it comes to payments? 

There are a number of key challenges facing sportsbook operators nowadays, especially when it comes to the payment side of things. 

Of those, I’d have to say that the top challenges are stability, approval rates, regulation, robust local coverage and also being able to provide easy and fast payout solutions.

Payment Expert: And how is Pagsmile enabling companies to overcome these challenges?

Pagsmile does constant technology investments, providing faster and more objective answers to all the challenges that the client might face. Our close relationship with local banks and providers through our local entities all over the region also allow us to reach them faster and guarantee our robust local coverage and knowledge of the market. 

And last but not least, we are always investing in our team`s professional training, keeping every interaction up to our standards.

Payment Expert: What insight can you give us into your plans for the next 12 months?

Nowadays, Pagsmile holds an MSO licence in Hong Kong and is close to becoming a Payment Institution in Brazil and also looking forward to getting an EMI licence in Europe, which gives us even more security and stability in the region we operate. 

We are also focusing on branching out, opening new local offices in the LatAm and Central America region such as Uruguay, Paraguay, Costa Rica, Peru and Bolivia. All this while keeping our API updated with all new local pay-in and payout solutions that other competitors simply cannot reach.