Bitcoin Collective CEO Jordan Walker: “Education is the key” to enhancing Bitcoin adoption

Hot off the heels of hosting one of the UK’s first Bitcoin-centred conference events, Bitcoin Collective CEO and Co-Founder, Jordan Walker underlined that education will be at the heart of fuelling growth of Bitcoin.

Edinburgh set the stage for the first Bitcoin Collective Conference, gathering some of the world’s most knowledgeable minds on Bitcoin, discussing how this cryptocurrency can become the financial asset of the future. 

Speaking to Payment Expert days after hosting the event, he reflected on how his firm evolved from a podcast to a major conference event, which Walker revealed took Bitcoin Collective five months to organise. 

Building on the success of the event, which ‘went better than Walker could have ever imagined’, he also laid out plans for it to expand to London next year. 

Walker also went into detail regarding Bitcoin and crypto’s struggles this year as prices have dropped off significantly from the highs it experienced last year, attributing this to a combination of the same struggles the economy and stock markets are also enduring.

As the UK is accelerating its plans in adopting cryptocurrencies, with the recent news of Parliament agreeing on a new set of regulations surrounding stablecoins, Walker stresses the need for education on the sector.

“The more people who learn about it at a fundamental level of what actually is Bitcoin, it will become more of a hedge against fiat,” said Walker. 

Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency have been long-viewed as an alternative to fiat currencies, such as the pound, and Walker believes Bitcoin’s transparency and fixed total amount (21m) is a more viable option than fiat currencies can be currencies that can be tampered with, unlike Bitcoin. 

Walker closed the discussion by answering how he would persuade and educate sceptics of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies through enabling them to gain a deeper understanding and learning of Bitcoin – following that up with examples of how easy and efficient Bitcoin payments can be. 

“I would get them to read some very simple reading and ease them in a little. You can’t push people into learning about Bitcoin,” concluded Walker. 

“This thing is actually happening, and how easy it is, that does change people’s perceptions of it.”