SBC Summit Barcelona – Web3 is far more than just a trend

Having embarked on rapid expansion in recent years, the prevalence of NFTs in a wide variety of spaces continues to increase. 

SBC Summit Barcelona has placed Web3 and NFTs under the spotlight across a series of panels on the ‘Emerging Tech and Blockchain Track’ – featuring some of the most prevalent players in the space. 

Kicking off, Facundo Boggino, Creative Director at Futurebrand, underlined the significance of the opportunity when it comes to social media, assertinghis belief that ‘Web3 and blockchain are not just a trend, they are the future of many industries and gaming is not going to be different’. 

He added that, as the tech matures, it is very clear to identify which brands are entering the space with a clear and genuine mission. 

It comes as BetanDeal has continued to strengthen its footprint within the space – embracing blockchain tech as an avenue to bolstering various forms of engagement. 

And it was Roberto Elizondo, Web3 Project Manager at BetanDeal, who emphasised that in the current climate, it’s something of a free for all with everyone eyeing joining the space. However, he did stress that it is vital that whoever joins the space has a grasp of the culture that comes with NFTs. 

This sentiment was echoed by the firm’s Founder & CEO, Joaquín Gago. Gago outlined that, upon entry to the market, BetanDeal remains ‘focused on listening and understanding to the community, in order to boost them in satisfying their needs’. 

Elsewhere onEmerging Tech and Blockchain track, Megan Nilsson analysed just how pivotal NFT engagement will be with

Nilsson placed a closer look at the new layers of the web and why digital ownership is very much the future for a host of sectors embracing web3. 

She stated: “Web3 is the future and a new way of doing things. The newest layer of the web is digital ownership and once you see digital ownership, you never see the web in the same way again.”

The relationship between brands and consumers is set to evolve amid the growth of the metaverse, according to Nilssen, who detailed that consumers are after something other than bonuses, but instead are in search of a sense of community which comes as a result of the blockchain. 

Joining Nilsson on the ‘Unlocking the Potential of Digital Assets’ panel was Alex Kornilov, CEO & Founder at BETEGY, who reaffirmed just how wide the impact of blockchain could be. 

He detailed that the embracing of the blockchain can not only enhance the user experience, but also uplifting a firm’s regulatory strategy and bolstering compliance capabilities, in a space that continues to provide challenges. 

It’s something, Kornilov outlined, that expands a wide range of audiences, as he laid out the important tool it can be when it comes to onboarding. 

Elizondo concluded by encouraging firms to dip their toes into the water of the metaverse, citing it as the first stage of adoption. 

Nilssen agreed and compared the opening stages of the metaverse to the opening days of the internet, with the movement towards the metaverse being inevitable and all-encompassing.

It is something that Ai Ishii, Business Development at nChain neatly summarised: “The concept of ownership paired with community is a magical combination that comes with the metaverse and the embracing of blockchain tech.”