Currencycloud has selected Clausematch to implement its policy management solution for enhanced compliance measures. 

The global regulatory tech firm will afford Currencycloud the ability to effectively manage its suite of policies, procedures and other business-related documentation. Clausematch will also look to facilitate ongoing compliance measures whilst rapidly-changing the global regulatory landscape. 

Both companies are aiming to achieve this by expanding Currencycloud’s global footprint through automating time-consuming document management tasks. 

Tanya Ziv, Chief Compliance Officer at Currencycloud, commented: “We are delighted to be working with Clausematch to enhance our policy management solution. They will be able to support us in managing the critical evolution of our policies and procedures as we continue to grow and expand.”

Prior to collaborating with Clausematch, Currencycloud’s policies and procedures were developed by conventional office software. Moving away from manual processes, Clausematch enables Currencycloud to automate all the same policies at a quicker rate, with additional features to use. 

Currencycloud can take advantage of document connections and attestations that will ‘significantly’ reduce the time spent on compliance tasks due to its high level of sophistication. 

“We’re thrilled to have Currencycloud onboard. It is a great opportunity for Clausematch to work with a high-growth Fintech company to show its capabilities when it comes to supporting our clients with tricky compliance regulations across different geographies,” added Evgeny Likhoded, CEO and Founder of Clausematch.