Oracle and InfStones are embarking on a new partnership that will see the companies collaborate on Oracle’s Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to accelerate its blockchain development.

The partnership aims to deliver insights into Web3 applications that drive evolution, development and adoption. InfStones will endorse a global multi-cloud strategy to serve the needs of the growing portfolio of customers. 

InfStones provides its blockchain technology to the OCI software to combine price performance, scalability, and security needs for customers, facilitating additional options and enhancing its pursuit of developing next-generation blockchain applications. 

“Our goal at InfStones is to reduce barriers to entry for new companies looking to incorporate blockchain technology into their stack,” said Dr. Zhen Wu Shei, CEO of InfStones. 

“Partnering with OCI offers enterprise customers a robust infrastructure across OCI’s multiple regions worldwide. We were also extremely impressed with the dedicated technical support provided by the OCI team and their support for our growth strategy.”

Chris Gandolfo, Senior Vice President of Cloud Venture at Oracle, added: “The power of InfStones platform and Oracle’s next-generation OCI provides our joint customers with an extremely performant, reliable, and secure platform for developing decentralised Web3 applications.

“Working with cutting-edge leaders in blockchain infrastructure like InfStones allows us to provide a robust solution for our enterprise customers as they increasingly look to Web3 development to solve the next-generation of IT problems. 

“InfStones can provide complementary capabilities to OCI customers by leveraging the InfStones platform API gateway service for faster and more scalable API access to Ethereum, IBC, Polkadot, and many other blockchain ecosystems.”