Global security and compliance specialist MetaCompliance has announced the acquisition of MOCH as it continues its ongoing growth within Europe

Through the acquisition, MetaCompliance aims to provide additional support to its EU customers by assisting them with training to help the fight against cyber criminals and mitigate threats. 

MOCH is an EdTech (educational technology) provider which aims to create a platform for best digital learning experiences. Co-Founders Morten Ørsted and Christian Ravn seek to achieve this by developing intelligent awareness training, with technology-based education. 

The Co-Founders stated: “This is a very exciting move for us to join a major international player like MetaCompliance. 

“With MetaCompliance, we have found the right partner that aligns with our values and will help to deliver an ambitious vision for the future of EdTech.”

Now extending its reach to Copenhagen and the rest of Denmark, MetaCompliance will look to utilise its  technology and training content to help train customers keep its staff safe online. 

MetaCompliance CEO, Robert O’Brien, said: “The acquisition of MOCH represents an important step in the expansion of MetaCompliance and will add significant capacity and capability to our operations in Europe. 

“It also reflects our joint commitment to providing customers with a world-class solution that helps to mitigate digital risk through staff awareness initiatives. 

“Together, we are excited to combine our extensive domain expertise, experience and shared passion to deliver learning solutions that engage end-users, change behaviours and reduce human-born error.”

The acquisition of MOCH was delivered with help from private equity firm Tenzing, who announced their partnership with MetaCompliance in January 2021. Financial terms of the deal have not been disclosed.