Garanti BBVA adds a new dimension with digital receipts

BBVA’s Turkish unit is adding a new method to card transactions with the firm’s latest digital receipts offering. 

A first for the Turkish banking industry, Garanti users will now be able to access digital receipts from debit and credit card transactions. Payments will be able to be tracked from the bank’s mobile shopping app, appBonusFlas. 

Card users will be able to view a digital version of the paper slip, eliminating  the need to keep printed slips. The move also reduces paper consumption and the carbon footprint by customer consent for “only digital slip” for contactless transactions under 500 Turkish lira done via Garanti BBVA POS terminals.

“As Garanti BBVA our priority is to make our customers’ lives easier through innovative payment products and services. In aid of our sustainability and climate action strategy, we are taking every step to reduce our own and our customers’ environmental impact,” said Murat Çagri Süzer, Payment Systems General Manager of Garanti BBVA. 

“Contactless transactions and cardless mobile payment solutions have become the norm in our lives, so switching from printed to digital slips is another step forward. The usage of mobile and contactless payments keeps growing, the digitalization of paper slips is a valuable innovation for the sector in digitalisation as well. With the increase in merchant integrations the usage of digital slip will increase as well.

“We are pleased to set an example for our industry with this first step that will enhance our customers’ shopping experience and reduce their environmental footprint. At GÖSAŞ and Garanti BBVA, we will continue to contribute to sustainability to take better care of the world and the future.”