Paysafe: Payments trump sponsorship for most betting customers
Credit: Shutterstock

Service provider UTP, has expanded its offering and focus on the user experience in the UK, with the launch of the SoftPOS product – tapeeno.

Seeking to grow the fintech space even further in the thriving UK market, the offering transforms merchant smartphones into payment acceptance devices – significantly changing the way payments are accepted. 

Michael Ault, CEO of UTP, commented: “We are very proud of the product we have introduced to the market. A lot of thought and effort went into making sure that we meet the expectations of our customers and together with Paynt developed the product exactly as we needed it.” 

Furthermore, the launch is likely to elevate the amount of merchants that collaborate with UTP, as the firm continues growth plans. 

Frank Landen, Head of POS at Paynt, added on the launch and what it means for the sector: “The launch of tapeeno is an important achievement not only for UTP, but also for us at Paynt. It is a testament to our capabilities as a fintech company and reinforces our strategic vision of becoming the go-to acquirer for European payment service resellers. 

“We also see this project as a perfect launchpad for the wider adoption of SoftPOS as a solution, and Paynt is well-positioned to be at the forefront of it.”