Finastra has expanded upon its relationship with Orange Bank as the French financial institution selected Finastra’s corporate treasury management solution. 

Titled ‘Fusion KTP’, the cloud-based software enables the French bank to operate within a fully integrated treasury management platform, which also provides quicker access to market information. 

“Finastra’s Fusion KTP cloud solution is a crucial step in our strategy to move to ‘all cloud’,” said Olivier Mougammadoussane, Head of Core Banking and Treasury Management System at Orange Bank. 

“Leveraging the benefits of the cloud enables us to future-proof the business with the added security, scalability and flexibility required in the industry. Having already relied on Fusion KTP we know the technology provides the treasury services we need, with a reliable and consolidated view of our liquidity and funding positions.”

With a presence in France and Spain, Orange Bank is a banking service that focuses on the needs of customers’ mobile uses. The bank aims to be both highly innovative and synergetic with Orange Group’s telecommunications business. 

A move to a cloud oriented solution provides more opportunities for Orange Bank to make financial information more easily accessible and for a quicker experience. 

Mougammadoussane continued: “Having the solution available on the cloud, via Microsoft Azure, delivers extra efficiency and resilience, while also providing us with easier access to innovation.”

Building upon their pre-existing partnership, Orange Bank has already implemented Fusion KTP. Finastra believes the bank has seen growth in liquidity management, compliance, risk, reporting, and accounting requirements. The open banking platform has also stated their aim to improve IT infrastructure complexities and reduce the versioning of multiple systems. 

“In bringing Fusion KTP to our customers via the cloud, banks can build on their transformation initiatives at an accelerated pace,” stated Riteesh Singh, Senior Vice President, Financial Messaging Marketplaces at Finastra. 

“We are pleased to continue our work with Orange Bank. This step forward into the cloud means that Orange Bank can now harness increased operational excellence and efficiency within their treasury operations, while also supporting their strategic initiatives.”