Tech giant Microsoft is teaming up with global payment platform Worldline to help companies mitigate and prevent online payment fraud.

As a result of the partnership, Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection system will launch as a hybrid fraud solution which increases accuracy and efficiency more than traditional fraud system softwares. 

Worldline clients will be able to take advantage of Microsoft’s fraud detection system, enabling them to adapt to ever-changing fraud patterns, optimise fraud detection and protect revenue. 

“We are very excited to be the first payments provider to fully integrate Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection within our online solutions offering,” commented Panteha Pedram, Director of Fraud and Risk Products at Worldline. 

“Microsoft is truly an established world leader in fraud prevention and we look forward to harnessing their expertise and market reputation in order to enhance our client service offering.”

In addition, Microsoft’s 365 technology looks to cut out time-wasting on the customer onboarding process, as clients can efficiently integrate the system without affecting the customer experience. 

The Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection system is highlighted by four key features. These are: hybrid fraud screening, machine learning API, device fingerprinting and multi-hierarchy management.  

Robin Brenner, Sr. Director of Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection at Microsoft, added: “We are excited about our collaboration with Worldline to bring Microsoft’s state-of-the-art fraud detection to their global customer base.

“Our modern, cloud-native solution will help Worldline and their merchants combat fraud and maximise profits. We look forward to this partnership laying the groundwork for the future of payments and transactional services.”